8 Great (Gay) Wedding Songs

Just thinking about wedding songs today. Not because I want to get married any time soon, just because an ad for gay weddings popped up on Facebook. :)

1. "When I Get Up" / Tegan and Sara
2. “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” / Cyndi Lauper
3. "A Love This True" / Jamie Anderson
4. "Wherever You Go" / Donna Burke
5. "Time After Time" / Cyndi Lauper
6. "Power of Two" / The Indigo Girls
7. "Close Your Eyes" / k.d. lang
8. "By Your Side" / Sade

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Threatening the Skanktity of Marriage

I mean, sanctity of marriage... yeah. Damn those gay people for threatening it!

Oh wait, Katy Perry isn't gay. Nor is her soon to be ex-husband. They were married what, like.. a year?

Come on!!

Same Sex Marriage

Makes you think, doesn't it?

It should.

Raised by 2 Lesbians

The One That Got Away

Even though she and I are still working on things, this song hits home.

New Direction

While I've been told that people are enjoying reading my little diary here, I've decided to take this blog in a different direction. I have literally a dozen other projects going on right now as well, so it may take a bit... but I am excited that so many people have found my blog and I think it needs to go in a different direction. Buckle your seatbelts!